Listening to the Voice of the Customer

Thursday, January 24, 2013 (7:15 AM - 9:00 AM)

The smartest way to grow your business in 2013 is to understand how your customers view you and your products

Award-winning voice of the customer expert Jeri Meola will reveal how to listen and capitalize on the Voice of the Customer.

Money is tight and innovation seems risky. If you are a little uncertain and uneasy about your business strategies, you are not alone. But is it smart to play it safe? There are ways to position your company to gain market share and emerge stronger when the recession ends; backed by solid market research data.

On Thursday January 24, Sales & Marketing Executives International of Minnesota will explore voice of the customer research. Listening to the Voice of the Customer will be presented by Jeri Meola, the award-winning founder and president of Eden Prairie-based SMS, who has had the opportunity partner as a trusted voice of the customer advisor with visionary business leaders at some of America’s most admired companies, including 3M, Deluxe, Toro, Imation and C.H. Robinson.

The status quo is not a good strategy right now
According to the Research Institute of America, as many as 90 percent of unsatisfied customers who will not come back or buy again. During this session, Meola will work with the audience to see how empathy can drive change and growth.
“If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will,” says Meola. “Don’t gloss over this just because you’ve heard it before: It costs 5-20 times more to acquire a customer than to retain one. There is a strong financial link between high levels of customer satisfaction and your company’s bottom line.”

In this fast-paced, informative session you will learn how to:
•    Identify your customers’ ‘make or break’ points. “Challenge yourself to create a no-excuse culture by rewarding your staff for caring for your customers.”     
•    Make your customers feel valued. “Demonstrate your commitment to the wellbeing of their businesses by learning to understand their needs, expectations and requirements.”
•    Know your risk of losing customers. “Review the touch points and proactively think of ways to create positive interactions.”
•    Act with urgency. “This is about retaining your clients – your business’ foundation.”
“Once you understand how your customers view you and your products, and what motivates them to buy from you instead of your competition, you’ll be in a better positioning for identifying opportunities for growth in 2013,” Meola advises.

About Jeri Meola

Jeri Meola is a founder and President of SMS, a market research business advisor that helps educate organizations on how to understand and incorporate “Voice of Customer” insights to take care of their customers. Over the past 22 years, Jeri has expanded the company’s offerings by partnering with market leaders to foster true innovation, bring new ideas to market more  successfully, and build loyalty to improve business results. She has had the opportunity to partner as a trusted VOC advisor with visionary business leaders at some of America’s most admired companies, including 3M, Deluxe, Toro, Imation and C.H. Robinson.

In 2009, she was recognized by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Current affiliations include Minnesota Legislative Committee on Early Childhood Education, Sales and Marketing Executives International, Minnesota Women’s Public Golf Association Board, Women’s President Organization and the Heart Association Go for Red Women’s Executive Team.

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