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I thought you may be interested in SMEI, the only worldwide professional association for sales and marketing. My membership gives me the opportunity to network with my peers, exchange information and ask questions in the SMEI Exchange about sales and marketing topics. Membership gives me the opportunity to gain my professional certification in sales, sales management and/or marketing management.

During uncertain economic times, a professional network can be a great support.  SMEI's worldwide membership offers unequaled professional networking and you can enjoy benefits like an exclusive member's only group on LinkedIn, the world's most powerful business social networking tool with over 30 million members.

If you decide to join, please do list my name in the "sponsor" field during your application so that SMEI can let me know about your decision.

I'd very much look forward to having you join SMEI! I highly recommend SMEI not only for the benefits, but even more importantly as a professional, your support of ethical standards in sales and marketing are vitally important to our community.

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